1. Pick some people you're gonna do Two Mini with, and how many days, and ask them.  (A week is good)

2. Set up a Dropbox folder and invite them, or have one of them do it.

3. Record yourself singing for 2 minutes (not hard to be accurate...do it).  Sing true things; doesn't have to be deep, can be deep.
I use Italk Recorder Premium ($1.99) because you can upload directly to Dropbox, which is critical to the Two Mini.
(Update: looks like good old Voice Memos (included on your iPhone) does this now.)

4. Upload your recording to Dropbox and name it thus: 12_6_15yourname (with that day's date)

5. Listen to everyone else's recording

6. Repeat every day for the number of days you said

Each person listens to everybody’s recordings every day.  

Anything you do with your voice is ok, besides talking.  The point is to allow how you feel at that moment to come out in your voice.  

Doesn’t have to be deep, can be deep.

Not about being "good."  If you did it...you did it!


House rules:

Record something every day, and listen to the other people's recordings every day.  

Instruments can be used, but your voice is the main thing.

No stopping and starting, overdubs, or effects.

Once you hit the record button, that’s the one you’re uploading—don’t do a bunch and then choose.

Listen to everybody else’s upload every day, before or after your own, unless you go to bed and someone hasn’t uploaded, then don’t forget to listen next day.

Do not share recordings with anyone else.  Treat them like diary entries.  Everyone should feel like they can let anything out.



Here's an example:


Technical details:

Whoever does the inviting sets up the Dropbox folder and invites the other people.

Other notes:

This exercise is designed to stimulate your creativity by having you open up every day for a little while, through ups and downs.  You’re inviting your muse and you’re working it out, and you’re exposing yourself to some other people, and you’re taking in what they’re giving.  Connecting to others, balancing output with input.  It’s a finite amount of time (and short) because then you can really follow through.