This incredible group of people opened up a whole world for me in the Bay, and led directly to the bands Mala Fama and Bayonics.

Loco Bloco is an organization that teaches drum and dance to youth in Mission, a thriving Latino neighborhood in SF.  They have become huuuuge, serving I don't know how many young people, while keeping the rootsy vibe, with lots of kids coming up through the ranks and becoming teachers.  I would see them around, playing brazilian bateria in protests and festivals, and they cast me as the evil lawyer in their play about gentrification.  

We formed a band to play on the float in Carnaval one year (SF has an awesome Carnaval celebration) and then we started gigging the band in clubs.  There was a moment where we were going to sign with Six Degrees Records but that didn't happen.

I miss these guys.  When I work with young people I always think back to Loco Bloco.  They have a golden touch.