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Just Double It

Made myself think.  I went in wanting to write a song that said "Why Aren't I Rich?"  Seems cheesy and cliche but I left thinking "crap, I am rich, what do I do now?"  Apparently I'm in the top 11% in the world.  Not so surprising.  Living in one of the richest countries in the world (7th, according to this website), most of us are doing pretty well when you consider the big picture.  But still, I want more money, is that so wrong?  Buying clothes, seeing a movie, fixing my car...these are things I don't want to think twice about doing.
But the bigger realization was that I could use what I have a lot more.  I have a video camera, garageband, some decent mics, rehearsal studio, he-llo, can we do this?

This website will tell you where you stand in the US, and this one will give you your exact global rank (down to the person, haha) in terms of financial wealth.

I'm the 669,642,941 richest person on earth!

Discover how rich you are! >>

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Mic the Robot @ Waystation, 11/5

Mic the Robot was kind of in hibernation this summer, but we were back this past Saturday at the Waystation.  It just happened to be 1st Saturday, so lots of people came down from the festivities at the Brooklyn Museum, just blocks away.  BTW if you haven't been to those parties, they're epic.  And there's something about strolling through the galleries at 11PM with a drink in your hand...makes you feel like you're homies with the guy who runs the museum and he let you check it out after hours.  Anyway, looks like we might play every 1st Saturday at Waystation, we'll confirm later.
Of note at this Mic throwdown were John Caban, who is becoming omnipresent in my musical projects (he's been joining in with Cumbiagra as well), and Butch Phelps of dirty country outfit The Buck Ups, who sang a few.  John C. just shreds this style on slide.

We dig having guests at Mic the Robot shows. If you think you or someone you love would be great to sit in with us, let us know.
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Jam is off the ground

Yes.  Finally I got together some of the people I wanted to get together and pulled off a great jam session at The Waystation in Prospect Heights.  We played some songs, we got weird, we got funky, I got to play bass, it was everything I wanted.
After passing my 3 year mark of landing in NY from a long stint in the SF Bay Area, I can't help but to notice music (for me) has become a little...gig oriented.  On one hand, it's crucial to have paying gigs that keep you motivated, and you gotta pay the rent somehow.  But why should it be hard to find a place to hang and jam the *%$# out?
Here's the audio from the evening, and a vid.

Jam Oct 23, Waystation by B Laz

Here are the jammers if you want to investigate them further.  Just click on the name!

Chris Hanson-Drums
Gillian Harwin-Vox
Jason Ewald-Drums, Congas

Scott Kettner-Drums
John Caban-Guitar
Josh Goodblatt-Fender Rhodes
Brian Lazarus-Bass

Brian Glashow-Congas

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Remember the whole Mosque thing?

Remember the huuuuuge controversy over building the mosque near the hallowed ground of the WTC? Didn't that disappear crazy fast? Does anyone even know what happened with that? Are they building it or not? How did a conflict that had the whole country up in arms on one side or the other just disappear like that? Remember the guy that was going to burn the Koran? I don't know, it's creepy how there hasn't been any news at all either way.
Anyway, on 9/11 me and Jessi decided to go down to the WTC and see what was going on. It was a crazy day. There were two huge protests, one for the rights of Muslims and one against building the mosque. They were both pretty intense, but the one against the mosque was kinda scary, they had a huge video screen, sound system, and had flown in this Dutch politician Geert Wilders to speak. It didn't help that he looks EXACTLY like the bad guy in Blade Runner.

And in the Netherlands he's leading an attack on mosques, I'm too lazy to look up the details, check it out and let me know.

Anyway, here's some video of the day. Nothing groundbreaking, but you get the idea. The crazy thing was that whenever there was a conversation between people of opposing sides, even if it was pretty mellow, there would be 10 cameras around the people right away. We had a few ok conversations, and a few awful ones. Someone actually said that even though far more Iraqis have died in Iraq than Americans, it's different because they're "used to it" and death "doesn't mean as much to them." Yeah, someone said that. And that was someone we had been talking to peacefully for a good 10 minutes. Someone else said that if one follows the Bible closely, they will be peaceful, and if they follow the Koran, they will be violent.
Sorry we didn't any proper interviews or anything, and it's kinda all split up, but I'm puttin' it out there.

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The Blizzard of 2011

I missed the first blizzard of the season, around Christmas, right? Yeah I was in San Diego. But the second one, I wasn't gonna miss that one. We were out having a drink after our basketball league (highlights coming soon), and it just started going crazy out. The funny thing was PEOPLE WERE DRIVING. I can see getting caught out there when it starts, but it had been going for hours. We were just standing out in front of whatever bar it was, on Flatbush and 7th Ave, watching the cars flailing. Flatbush is a bit of a hill right there. It was funny for a while, till we saw some people really getting stuck and panicking. So we borrowed some shovels and that's how we spent the next few hours, culminating with Frank. I started calling Daniel "Snowy Waters" because he busted out his harmonica in the middle of the storm.
By the way, this has some explicit language and sex talk, don't say I didn't warn you!

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