Just Double It

Made myself think.  I went in wanting to write a song that said "Why Aren't I Rich?"  Seems cheesy and cliche but I left thinking "crap, I am rich, what do I do now?"  Apparently I'm in the top 11% in the world.  Not so surprising.  Living in one of the richest countries in the world (7th, according to this website), most of us are doing pretty well when you consider the big picture.  But still, I want more money, is that so wrong?  Buying clothes, seeing a movie, fixing my car...these are things I don't want to think twice about doing.
But the bigger realization was that I could use what I have a lot more.  I have a video camera, garageband, some decent mics, rehearsal studio, he-llo, can we do this?

This website will tell you where you stand in the US, and this one will give you your exact global rank (down to the person, haha) in terms of financial wealth.

I'm the 669,642,941 richest person on earth!

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