Bandikoro: Putting road behind us

Ok, first time I'm trying to share a playlist...
Below is an entire show we did at a festival in Puerto Morelos, before we started the tour.  You can just watch the whole damn thing back to back, or hit the "next" button to skip forward.

"Malinke" at the Murga in Guadalajara, our eventual destination.

Finally on the road!
This tour is amazing for many reasons, one being that we took 3 old VW buses.  Even on the very day we left, you saw David replacing a "burned cable."  I didn't get footage, but Mike's combi had a fire as well, which he valiantly put out with his bare hand.
Anyway, here we go.  We had gigs in most towns, and I got to see the extended banda network.  Cuernavaca and Tepostlan showed me some roots...where Charlie, Panda, and Vale grew up.  All of our gigs had a good homegrown feel, especially the one at the end of this next video where the lights went out ("se fue la luz"), and people were playing with cell phones in their mouths (cell phones in Mexico have flashlights).  Good old night-shot (infared) on my old digital-8 camera...
Most of the first half of this first vid is shots on the road, breaking down a few times, and a very tender solution to the problem of debris in the gastank: "soplar" (blow).  When the "Chiagra" shut off its motor, we had to take out this little filter thing and blow through it.
Also Panda lets me know the reason I don't take good care of my stuff is that I'm an entitled gringo.

These videos are just as much about these VW's as anything else.  David and Mike both go through some serious shit--David replaces his gas tank and Mike replaces an axle, all on this tour.  And it's not a drop-it-off type of thing.  For each project they do as much work as the mechanics do.  In David's case, we hung all day with the mechanic, who I just remember as "Maestro."  He charged a fraction of what he usually was, and the boys put in lots of work and bought caguamas (40's, give or take) and cigarettes.  We'll deal with the axle later, but in the next video you see the grizzly discovery.
And what about the barefoot tire-fixer!  WTF??
Oh and the classic idiosyncrasy of Mike's combi: if you didn't shut the side door right, it fell off.  There was a slight...lift I think, when it got near to shut that you had to do.  You had to just feel it.  I got it a few times, but I was not on the short list of people that were authorized to shut the door.  The few times I was called on I was honored.
Oh yeah, lots of Mike's dog Kinto dog ever.  The shots by the side of the road with him running around of some of my faves.

Hope you enjoyed!  More next week.
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