Mic the Robot @ Waystation, 11/5

Mic the Robot was kind of in hibernation this summer, but we were back this past Saturday at the Waystation.  It just happened to be 1st Saturday, so lots of people came down from the festivities at the Brooklyn Museum, just blocks away.  BTW if you haven't been to those parties, they're epic.  And there's something about strolling through the galleries at 11PM with a drink in your hand...makes you feel like you're homies with the guy who runs the museum and he let you check it out after hours.  Anyway, looks like we might play every 1st Saturday at Waystation, we'll confirm later.
Of note at this Mic throwdown were John Caban, who is becoming omnipresent in my musical projects (he's been joining in with Cumbiagra as well), and Butch Phelps of dirty country outfit The Buck Ups, who sang a few.  John C. just shreds this style on slide.

We dig having guests at Mic the Robot shows. If you think you or someone you love would be great to sit in with us, let us know.