Jam is off the ground

Yes.  Finally I got together some of the people I wanted to get together and pulled off a great jam session at The Waystation in Prospect Heights.  We played some songs, we got weird, we got funky, I got to play bass, it was everything I wanted.
After passing my 3 year mark of landing in NY from a long stint in the SF Bay Area, I can't help but to notice music (for me) has become a little...gig oriented.  On one hand, it's crucial to have paying gigs that keep you motivated, and you gotta pay the rent somehow.  But why should it be hard to find a place to hang and jam the *%$# out?
Here's the audio from the evening, and a vid.

Jam Oct 23, Waystation by B Laz

Here are the jammers if you want to investigate them further.  Just click on the name!

Chris Hanson-Drums
Gillian Harwin-Vox
Jason Ewald-Drums, Congas

Scott Kettner-Drums
John Caban-Guitar
Josh Goodblatt-Fender Rhodes
Brian Lazarus-Bass

Brian Glashow-Congas