Remember the whole Mosque thing?

Remember the huuuuuge controversy over building the mosque near the hallowed ground of the WTC? Didn't that disappear crazy fast? Does anyone even know what happened with that? Are they building it or not? How did a conflict that had the whole country up in arms on one side or the other just disappear like that? Remember the guy that was going to burn the Koran? I don't know, it's creepy how there hasn't been any news at all either way.
Anyway, on 9/11 me and Jessi decided to go down to the WTC and see what was going on. It was a crazy day. There were two huge protests, one for the rights of Muslims and one against building the mosque. They were both pretty intense, but the one against the mosque was kinda scary, they had a huge video screen, sound system, and had flown in this Dutch politician Geert Wilders to speak. It didn't help that he looks EXACTLY like the bad guy in Blade Runner.

And in the Netherlands he's leading an attack on mosques, I'm too lazy to look up the details, check it out and let me know.

Anyway, here's some video of the day. Nothing groundbreaking, but you get the idea. The crazy thing was that whenever there was a conversation between people of opposing sides, even if it was pretty mellow, there would be 10 cameras around the people right away. We had a few ok conversations, and a few awful ones. Someone actually said that even though far more Iraqis have died in Iraq than Americans, it's different because they're "used to it" and death "doesn't mean as much to them." Yeah, someone said that. And that was someone we had been talking to peacefully for a good 10 minutes. Someone else said that if one follows the Bible closely, they will be peaceful, and if they follow the Koran, they will be violent.
Sorry we didn't any proper interviews or anything, and it's kinda all split up, but I'm puttin' it out there.