Ahh, the Malecon. It's a boardwalk that stretches 8KM around the coast in Havana. It's the spot. People walk along it holding hands, sell their wares, lie on the wall listening to the surf, and no doubt think all kinds of things while looking off into the distance in the direction of Florida (only 90 miles away!!). Some people (including me) swam on the Malecon, but most said it was too dirty. It was also not that easy to climb down the wall and rocks to get into the ocean, especially at night, especially while drinking that homemade rum from a water bottle.
I met a dude named Pepe who walked up and down the Malecon playing songs. His guitar was strung with a mix of strings: nylon, steel, and at least one fishing line. Not easy to get guitar strings in Havana. It was a different vibe from hanging with Josmani and the musicians. Everyone drank rum but these guys on the Malecon, they were pushing harder, and brought girls, and kept trying to convince me to rent a car and drive out of town to the beach. A tender thought, but something didn't feel right. It was fun, though, and Pepe had me over for dinner a few times, and we traded some songs.

"I didn't think I'd cry, less for a love, even less for your love."

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