Josvani, Kids

The next person I met was Josvani.  I was walking around in Central Havana, near the Malecon, and I heard some crazy drums.  I peered in the window of an apartment, and saw that it was a Cajon por Elegua, a Santeria ceremony for the orisha Elegua.  They saw me watching, motioned for me to come in, and I had one of those white-boy-rediscovers-the-power-of-the-drum experiences.  I felt like my heart was opening up, and I kept rubbing my chest, which they never stopped teasing me about.  I ended up staying in that house, but more on that later.  Josvani was noble, quiet, and an incredible musician.  He sort of adopted me.  Even though I ended up paying for stuff and clearly I was a good friend to have in that way, he never really asked for anything, and was generous with his time, like giving me a conga lesson.  I don't really play congas, but whatever, it was like $10 for 2 hours or something.  You can get a sense of his family, including the unstoppable Keko, who is the little one in the blue skivvies, and his daughter, who sticks her tongue out a lot.  It was so hot, and sometimes the electricity would go out, and Havana in August without a fan, wow.  I really admired him.  I have quite a bit more footage of him singing and playing that I'll put up soon.

Note the radio after the jam--it's Radio Reloj, if you're a Manu Chao fan, you'll recognize the voice from when the say "Cinco de la Mañana..." etc. on Proxima Estacion: Esperanza.  This from Wiki:
"Radio Reloj (Spanish for Radio Clock) is an internationally-broadcast Spanish language radio station, located in Cuba.
The station is heard on various different AM frequencies throughout the country and also on certain FM frequencies, such as 101.5 FM in Havana.
Radio Reloj started on 1 July 1947 and claims to be the oldest non-stop information channel in the world. Common AM frequencies in use are 570, 790, 820, 830, 850, 860, 950 (Havana) and 1020.
The news and information is read against a background sound of continuous clock ticks every second. Every minute there is a station name announcement, a beep on the minute, a time announcement and "RR" in Morse code."

Man the kids were just too much. I guess in retrospect I'd like to have played more music and played less with the kids, but it was fun.

The next two videos are from a show of Josvani's band, Aguiri Yo. Pretty dope.

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