1st Dive into box: CUBA!

In 2003 or so I want to Havana for 3 weeks.  Well I got out once.  Why did I spend it all in Havana?  It was kinda how it's easy to get stuck in New York City and not leave.  I met people, we did stuff, and maybe I felt like I would miss things if I left.  Anyway, the first few people I met were 1) a mango seller; 2) a guy that worked at some kind of parking lot; and 3) a fisherman.  They each played an integral part in renting me the bike that I would use the entire time I was there.  First I met the mango seller (I'll try hard to remember names, but right now they escape me!).  I talked to him for a while, and we started walking around together.  He took me to his house and showed me how he gets his water.  That deep hum means he dropped it well and it fills with water.  His wife hears it and confirms "si, cojio agua" (yes, it got water).  Crazy sound!
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